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Hello, Arthur Camberlein,
I am a SEO & Data Specialist, I was an e-marketing consultant specialized in SEO in Lille and a Data Analyst in Luxembourg.

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Who am I?

Curious french guy who really enjoys technology and the Internet. Especially understanding how things work.

Currently working at a french web agency as e-marketing consultant. I'm familiar with SEO, SEA, SMO and Webanalyses.

My coworker and my friends say about me that I'm a webmarketing swiss-army kniff.

Google Certified

Google Certified for Google Analytics, Google Adwords (Search & Display) & Google Shopping.

Emarketing Consultant

What does emarketing consultant means? It means that with my clients (and my websites) I follow some KPI to get the best traffic. The best traffic fr a website signify that visitors will fulfill your goals.

Webmarketing lover

Many years ago, I fell in love with marketing and especially webmarketing. That's why i'm currently working in a webmarketing agency, but also I graduated from a ecommerce and marketing MBA. Without forgetting that I'm also a webmaster for several website.

Connect with me

Find me on the Internet

I work on several projects like Fixie Lille (Fr), a website about bikes which brings together bike lovers around the world.

I've also wrote on several marketing and tech blogs around the years: Webzeen, Open Linking, Antispam, etc.

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